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Casting Defects Handbook : Copper & Copper-Base Alloys

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Title: Casting Defects Handbook : Copper & Copper-Base Alloys
Author: David Neff
ISBN: 0874333652 / 9780874333657
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 100
Publisher: AFS
Year: 2010
Availability: Out of Stock
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In Casting Defects Handbook: Copper & Copper-Base Alloys, many of the common types of casting defects encountered in the production of copper base alloy castings in both sand and permanent mold processes are presented. These defects are categorized by type with possible causes and, in some cases, prevention techniques. The material is presented in an easy-to-review format suitable for foundry floor operators, as well as process engineers, metallurgists and quality control personnel. The book provides a comprehensive visual atlas of the more common casting defects encountered by copper base foundry personnel, and provides a tool for quick identification. It can also be used to address possible causes and to establish corrective actions.


Chapter 1 : Broken or Cracked Castings
Chapter 2 : Scars, Seams, Plates and Flow Marks
Chapter 3 : Expansion Defects (Rattails, Buckles, Scabs, Veining)
Chapter 4 : Sand Molding Defects (Crushes, Swells, Sags, Drops, Erosion, Stickers, Cuts and Washes, Poor Surface)
Chapter 5 : Misruns and Coldshuts
Chapter 6 : Hot Tearings
Chapter 7 : Gas Defects
Chapter 8 : Shrinkage Defects
Chapter 9 : Metal Penetration
Chapter 10 : Inclusion Defects
Chapter 11 : Other


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