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Closed-Cycle Gas Turbines : Operating Experience and Future Potential

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Title: Closed-Cycle Gas Turbines : Operating Experience and Future Potential
Author: Hans Ulrich Frutschi
ISBN: 0791802264 / 9780791802267
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 300
Publisher: ASME
Year: 2005
Availability: 45-60 days
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This book is a valuable and unique addition to the power generation literature. The author has decades of experience in the gas turbine industry, and he trained under the father of closed-cycle gas turbines, Dr. Curt Keller of Escher-Wyss in Zurich.

Closed-cycle turbines experienced a resurgence of interest in the 1980s and remain a promising technology going forward in the 21st century. There is currently no comparable book available that covers both the history and future potential applications of closed-cycle gas turbines.

This book is intended for design engineers and engineering managers in the worldwide gas turbine/power generation industry.


Chapter 1 : The Special Characteristics of Closed-Cycle Gas Turbines
Chapter 2 : Realized Installations
Chapter 3 : The Main Components
Chapter 4 : Thermodynamic Characteristics of the Closed-Cycle
Chapter 5 : Control and Operational Performance
Chapter 6 : Thermodynamic Performance
Chapter 7 : Closed-Cycle Gas Turbines in Cogeneration Plants
Chapter 8 : Studies Performed
Chapter 9 : Semi-Closed-Cycle Gas Turbines
Chapter 10 : Closed-Cycle Gas Turbine Process with Steam Injection
Chapter 11 : Outlook


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