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Combustion System Design : A New Approach

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Title: Combustion System Design : A New Approach
Author: Yuriy I. Khavkin
ISBN: 0878144625 / 9780878144624
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 246
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 1996
Availability: Out of Stock
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In this book, prominent Russian Engineer Yuriy I. Khavkin compares historical combustion models for gas turbines with a discussion of modern combustion chambers. These models-gas turbines, combustion chambers, steam boilers, and other combustion applications-are compared through a series of examples.
Readers will learn to:

  • understand different types of combustion devices
  • calculate size and combustion efficiency
  • review new types of flame tube heat protection with applications
  • design low NOx combustion chambers
  • reduce the effort necessary to create a new combustion chamber
  • Combustion System Design is targeted for the mechanical engineer with a specialty in gas turbines or boilers. Chemical Engineers and gas turbine specialists also will find it very helpful


Chapter 1 : The Principles of Chemical Reactor Theory
Chapter 2 : The Theory of Diffusion Combustion in Turbulent Air Flow
Chapter 3 : Mathematical Description of the Combustion Process
Chapter 4 : The Theory and Calculation for Combustion Chambers in Energy Installations
Chapter 5 : The Theory and Calculation of Industrial Combustion Chambers


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