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Complete Handbook of Electric Motor Controls, 2nd Edition

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Title: Complete Handbook of Electric Motor Controls, 2nd Edition
Author: John E. Traister
ISBN: 0878146261 / 9780878146260
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 299
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 1994
Availability: Out of Stock
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This reference provides a welcome authoritative resource of up-to-date information for anyone concerned with electric and electronic motor controls, covering theory and design, as well as practical applications. The author takes you step by step through every conceivable application for controlling motors in residential, commercial and industrial installations. You will find detailed coverage of starting and stopping motors, overload protection, overcurrent protection, reversing, changing speed, jogging, plugging, and sequence control. The second edition includes a new chapter on use of solid state devices.


Chapter 1 : Introduction to Motor Controls
Chapter 2 : Blueprint Reading
Chapter 3 : Electricity Basics
Chapter 4 : Electric Motors
Chapter 5 : Manual Full-Voltage Motor Starters
Chapter 6 : AC Magnetic Starters
Chapter 7 : AC Magnetic Reversing Controllers and Combination Starters
Chapter 8 : AC Reduced-Voltage Motor Starters
Chapter 9 : Miscellaneous Motor Controls
Chapter 10 : Multispeed AC Motor Starters
Chapter 11 : Synchronous Motor Control
Chapter 12 : Starting and Speed-Regulating Rheostats and Controllers
Chapter 13 : Direct-Current Controllers
Chapter 14 : Connection Diagrams for Pushbutton Circuits
Chapter 15 : Maintenance of Motor Starters
Chapter 16 : Water-Soaked Motor Controls
Chapter 17 : Methods of Deceleration
Chapter 18 : Solid-State Devices

Appendix A : Glossary
Appendix B : Trade Sources

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