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Computational Methods for Electric Power Systems, 3rd Edition

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Title: Computational Methods for Electric Power Systems, 3rd Edition
Author: Mariesa L. Crow
ISBN: 1498711596 / 9781498711593
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 332
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2016
Availability: In Stock
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Computational Methods for Electric Power Systems introduces computational methods that form the basis of many analytical studies in power systems. The book provides the background for a number of widely used algorithms that underlie several commercial software packages, linking concepts to power system applications. By understanding the theory behind many of the algorithms, the reader can make better use of the software and make more informed decisions (e.g., choice of integration method and step size in simulation packages).

This Third Edition contains new material on preconditioners for linear iterative methods, Broyden’s method, and Jacobian-free Newton–Krylov methods. It includes additional problems and examples, as well as updated examples on sparse lower-upper (LU) factorization. It also adds coverage of the eigensystem realization algorithm and the double-shift method for computing complex eigenvalues.

Preface to the Third Edition

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : The Solution of Linear Systems
Chapter 3 : Systems of Nonlinear Equations
Chapter 4 : Sparse Matrix Solution Techniques
Chapter 5 : Numerical Integration
Chapter 6 : Optimization
Chapter 7 : Eigenvalue Problems


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