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Contemporary Communication Systems

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Title: Contemporary Communication Systems
Author: M. F. Mesiya
ISBN: 0073380369 / 9780073380360
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 960
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2013
Availability: Out of Stock
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Contemporary Communication Systems provides a comprehensive introduction to analog and digital communication systems. In addition to a logical and easy-to-understand presentation of fundamental principles, the book engages students in the issues relevant to system and product implementation by integrating a discussion of theoretical concepts with extensive hands-on visual and simulation resources that reinforce learning. A unique feature of the book is sufficient coverage of important topics in digital communications including compression, multiplexing and synchronization techniques. The book also explores the impact of semiconductor revolution (Moore's law) and software technologies in the realization of modern digital communication systems.

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Review of Signals and Linear Systems
Chapter 3 : Simulation of Communication Systems Using MATLAB/Simulink
Chapter 4 : Amplitude Modulation (AM)
Chapter 5 : Angle Modulation
Chapter 6 : Probability and Random Processes
Chapter 7 : Noise Performance of Analog Communication Systems
Chapter 8 : Conversion of Analog Signals to Digital Format
Chapter 9 : Digital Baseband Modulation
Chapter 10 : Detection of Baseband Signals in Noise
Chapter 11 : Digital Information Transmission Using Carrier Modulation
Chapter 12 : Digital Signal Transmission Through Time Dispersive Channels
Chapter 13 : Digital Multiplexing and Synchronization
Chapter 14 : Information Theory and Compression Techniques
Chapter 15 : Channel Coding TechniquesProblems-Matlab Problems

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