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Corrosion : Understanding the Basics

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Title: Corrosion : Understanding the Basics
Author: J.R. Davis
ISBN: 0871706415 / 9780871706416
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 563
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 2000
Availability: In Stock
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This new book presents a practical "how to" approach to understanding and solving the problems of corrosion of structural materials. Although it is written mainly for those having a limited technical background in corrosion, it also provides more experienced engineers with a useful overview of the principles of corrosion and can be used as a general guide for developing a corrosion-control program.

Includes identification of the various forms of corrosion, critical factors leading to a specific type of corrosion, necessary preventive steps to eliminate or reduce corrosion damage, protective-coating selection, corrosion characteristics of common structural materials, corrosion-testing programs, and failure-analysis procedures.


Chapter 1 : The Effects and Economic Impact of Corrosion
Chapter 2 : Basic Concepts Important to Corrosion
Chapter 3 : Principles of Aqueous Corrosion
Chapter 4 : Forms of Corrosion : Recognition and Prevention
Chapter 5 : Types of Corrosion Environments
Chapter 6 : Corrosion Characteristics of Structural Materials
Chapter 7 : Corrosion Control by Proper Design
Chapter 8 : Corrosion Control by Materials Selection
Chapter 9 : Corrosion Control by Protective Coatings and Inhibitors
Chapter 10 : Corrosion Control by Cathodic and Anodic Protection
Chapter 11 : Corrosion Testing and Monitoring
Chapter 12 : Techniques for Diagnosis of Corrosion Failures

Appendix 1 : Glossary of Corrosion-Related Terms

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