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Design of Industrial Ventilation Systems, 5th Edition

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Title: Design of Industrial Ventilation Systems, 5th Edition
Author: John L. Alden and John M. Kane
ISBN: 0831111380 / 9780831111380
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 280
Publisher: Industrial Press
Year: 1982
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This classic design manual is an excellent reference tool and handy manual for design, plant, and maintenance engineers; industrial hygienists; and energy engineers.

Examines local exhaust systems as well as the inter-related areas of general exhaust ventilation and makeup air supply. Offers a comprehensive view of the latest in design purchase and operation of government approved exhaust equipment. Addresses the current emphasis on energy conservation, fuel savings, and compliance with air quality standards by offering a supplemental approach to conventional ventilation solutions for the workplace.

Flow of Fluids. Exhaust Hoods. Local Exhaust Systems-Exhaust Volume Determinations. Air Flow Through Hoods. Pipe Resistance. Piping Design. Collectors. Low Pressure Conveyors. Centrifugal Exhaust Fans. Axial Flow Fans. Structural Details and System Planning. General Exhaust Ventilation and Air Supply. Monitoring Industrial Ventilation Systems. Isolation. Energy Conservation. Index.

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