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Design of Mechanical Joints

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Title: Design of Mechanical Joints
Author: A. Blake
ISBN: 0824773519 / 9780824773519
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 576
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 1985
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A cornerstone publication that covers the basic principles and practical considerations of design methodology for joints held by rivets, bolts, weld seams, and adhesive materials, Design of Mechanical Joints gives engineers the practical results and formulas they need for the preliminary design of mechanical joints, combining the essential topics of joint mechanics…strength of materials…and fracture control to provide a complete treatment of problems pertinent to the field of mechanical connections.

Introduction to Mechanical Joints Elementary Concepts of Strength and Fracture
Effect of Lateral Forces
Indeterminate Static Equilibrium
Cross-Sectional Geometry
Combined Stress Criteria
Response in Shear
Deflection Criteria
Buckling of Columns and Plates
Bending of Plates
Design of Curved Elements
Preliminary Considerations of Fasteners Design of Rivets
Behavior of Individual Bolts
Selection of Bolt Materials
The Problem of Stress and Strain
Torque Equations and Friction
Strength and Design Criteria
Control of Torque and Preload
Selection of Working Loads
Modern View of Bolt Preload
Riveted and Bolted Joints
Basic Formulas for Rivets
Formulas for Eccentric Shear
Performance of Riveted Joints
Rigid Bolted Connection
Effect of Gasket
Stiffness of Flange in Compression
Conventional Diagram of Bolt Preload
Theories of Joint Preload
Calculation of Spring Constants
Symmetrical Splice Connection
Flanges and Stiffeners
Comments on Gasket Effects
Tightness Criterion
Spacing of Bolts
Mechanics of Flange Rotation
Design of Straight Flanges
Design of Ribbed Flanges
Compact Flanges

Design of Clamps and Pipe Joints
Interference Fit
Split Hub Criteria
Single-Pin Clevis Joint
Rigid Clamp Application
Design C-Clamp
Vessel and Pipe Supports
Tubular Joints

Coupling and Pin Connections
Design of Cotter Joints
Key and Spline Connections
Technology of Pipe Coupling
Single Bolt Fitting
Design of Eyebar Joints
Sizing of Pins
Coupling Links
Wire Rope Fittings
Thread Forms for High Pressure Closures
Design of Welded Joints
Typical Welded Joints
Allowable Weld Stresses
Crack Initation and Fatigue
Design Assumptions
Analysis of Fillet Weld
Weld Line Formulas for Design
Welded Lap Joint. Beam Seat Connections
Column Base Plate Design
Welded Joints in Plate Girders
Special Welded Joints

Special Mechanical Interfaces
Vacuum Barrier Technology
Design of Circular Membrane
Behavior of Mylar Barriers
Metallic Diaphragm Experiment
Plastic Correction in Diaphragm Design
Spherical-Cap Barriers Rolling Diaphragm Interface

Design for Adhesion
Characteristics of Solid Surfaces
Mechanics of Adhesion
Setting and Flow of Adhesives
The Concept of Stress
Comments on Shrinkage
Stresses in Butt Adhesive Joints
Design of Lap Joints
Design Formulas for Scarf Joints
The Problem of Peeling
Special Applications

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