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Die Design Handbook, 3rd Edition

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Title: Die Design Handbook, 3rd Edition
Author: David Smith
ISBN: 0872633756 / 9780872633759
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 928
Publisher: SME
Year: 1990
Availability: In Stock
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Whether you're involved in a highly specialized operation, or need comprehensive information on many types of die designs, this book is your best bet book on how to design dies. Hundreds of illustrations on proven designs are included, as well as hundreds of tables and equations to help you make quick calculations for allowances, pressures, forces and more.

About the Editor
List of Contributors to the Third Edition
List of Reviewers for the Third Edition
List of Contributors to the Second Edition
A Note on Metrication

Chapter 1 : Pressworking Terminology
Chapter 2 : Stampings Design
Chapter 3 : Die Engineering–Planning and Design
Chapter 4 : Shear Action in Metal Cutting
Chapter 5 : Cutting Dies
Chapter 6 : Bending of Metals
Chapter 7 : Bending Dies
Chapter 8 : Metal Movement in Forming
Chapter 9 : Forming Dies
Chapter 10 : Displacement of Metal in Drawing
Chapter 11 : Product Development for Deep Drawing
Chapter 12 : Draw Dies
Chapter 13 : Dies for Large and Irregular Shapes
Chapter 14 : Rubber-pad and Hydraulic-action Dies
Chapter 15 : Compression Dies
Chapter 16 : Progressive Die Design
Chapter 17 : Progressive Dies
Chapter 18 : Compound and Combination Dies
Chapter 19 : Designing Presstools for Fineblanking
Chapter 20 : Tools for Multiple Slide Forming Machines
Chapter 21 : Low-cost and Miscellaneous Dies
Chapter 22 : Die Sets and Components
Chapter 23 : Designing Dies for Automation
Chapter 24 : Die Maintenance-Setting and Tryout
Chapter 25 : Lubricants for Pressworking Operations
Chapter 26 : Die Protection Systems
Chapter 27 : Press Data
Chapter 28 : Ferrous Die Materials
Chapter 29 : Nonferrous and Nonmetallic Die Materials


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