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Drills : Science and Technology of Advanced Operations

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Title: Drills : Science and Technology of Advanced Operations
Author: Viktor P. Astakhov
ISBN: 1466584343 / 9781466584341
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 1016
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2014
Availability: In Stock
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The weakest link in the design of high-efficiency drilling operations is the readiness of cutting tool users/machining operation designer/planners and cutting tool manufacturers plus the lack of relevant research works on the modern hole making operations. This book addresses the most important issues in drilling operations, and is designed to familiarize application specialists with properly defined basic concepts, terminology, and essentials of drilling. Materials common for making drilling tools are considered from the point of the cutting tool design and implementation to deliver an unprecedented depth of scientific and technical explanation needed for proper manufacturing and selection of a tool material for any given application.


Chapter 1 : Drilling System
Chapter 2 : Tool Failure as a System Problem : Investigation, Assessment, and Recommendations
Chapter 3 : Tool Materials
Chapter 4 : Twist and Straight-Flute Drills : Geometry and Design Components
Chapter 5 : PCD and Deep-Hole Drills
Chapter 6 : Metalworking Fluid in Drilling
Chapter 7 : Metrology of Drilling Operations and Drills

Appendix A : Axial Force, Torque, and Power in Drilling Operations
Appendix B : Tool Material Fundamentals
Appendix C : Basics of the Tool Geometry

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