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Dudley's Gear Handbook : The Design, Manufacture, and Application of Gears, 2nd Edition

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Title: Dudley's Gear Handbook : The Design, Manufacture, and Application of Gears, 2nd Edition
Author: Dennis P. Townsend
ISBN: 0071077367 / 9780071077361
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 1040
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2011
Availability: Out of Stock
Special Indian Edition
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The gearing industry has changed drastically over the past 29 years since the publication of the first edition. Thus, this latest edition presents not only a through updating of all topics covered in the first edition, but also the inclusion of new chapters and topics to keep pace with rapidly-evolving technologies and methodologies.

In addition to expert coverage of basic design considerations functional gear type and arrangements, and special calculations for spur and helical gears, you’ll also find detailed analyses of machine tools, die forming of gears, choice of materials, and stress and efficiency calculations-the complete range of theory, design, production, inspection, and applications of nearly all types of gears currently used in industry.

Each chapter is written world-renowned experts in their respective areas, supported by scores of clear illustrations, tables, graphs and charts…and this practical comprehensive resource will bring you right “up to speed” with NEW coverage of such vital topics as :

• Gear Vibration, including methods for vibration measurements, limits for machinery, and practical solutions to vibration problems
• Efficient lubrication of gears at various load and speed conditions
• A complete update of the load rating of gearing , using the latest data from national and international standards such us AGMA,DIN, and ISO
• Revised methods of gear finishing by grinding, shaving, honing, and rolling, including a discussion of the new CBN grinding technology
• Latest techniques for quality control of gear tolerances, plus data on new gear inspection equipment

This second edition is completely revised to incorporate current theory as well as the latest data on material properties, processing methods, and quality control techniques.Each chapter--written by an internationally renowned expert--is enhanced by numerous illustrations, tables, graphs, and charts in an accessible ready-reference format.


Chapter 1 : Theory of Gearing and Application
Chapter 2 : Gear Types and Nomenclature
Chapter 3 : Gear Arrangements
Chapter 4 : Gear Tooth Design
Chapter 5 : Special Calculations of Spur and Helical Gears
Chapter 6 : Gear Tooth Calculations
Chapter 7 : Gear Tolerances
Chapter 8 : Gear Materials
Chapter 9 : Gear Drawings
Chapter 10 : Gear Reactions and Mountings
Chapter 11 : Load Rating of Gears
Chapter 12 : Loaded Gears in Action
Chapter 13 : Gear Vibration
Chapter 14 : Gear Noise
Chapter 15 : Gear Lubrication
Chapter 16 : Gear Cutting
Chapter 17 : Gears Made by Dies
Chapter 18 : Gears Finishing by Shaving, Rolling, and Honing
Chapter 19 : Grinding of Spur and Helical Gears
Chapter 20 : Bevel and Hyphoid Gear Manufacturing
Chapter 21 : High Ratio Right-Angle Gearing Manufacturing
Chapter 22 : Gear Cutting Tools
Chapter 23 : Gear Inspection Devices and Procedures
Chapter 24 : Numerical Data Tables

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