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Dynamic Scheduling With Microsoft Project 2002 : The Book by and for Professionals

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Title: Dynamic Scheduling With Microsoft Project 2002 : The Book by and for Professionals
Author: Eric Uyttewaal
ISBN: 1932159134 / 9781932159134
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 704
Publisher: J.ROSS Publishing
Year: 2003
Availability: In Stock
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This completely updated best-selling book is different from other books written on MS Project 2002. This book has an attitude. The author does more than describe and fully illustrate the features of MS Project. He recommends certain features and argues against others, giving you a complete picture of how to use MS Project 2002 to build a dynamic schedule that meets your needs ? not just once but continuously. If you are a novice or use MS Project on a day-to-day basis, or are studying for certification, Dynamic Scheduling with Microsoft®Project 2002:The Book by and for Professionals will show you how to achieve the best results.

About This Book

Chapter 1. : Concepts of Project Management
Chapter 2. : Setting Up a Project
Chapter 3. : Entering Tasks
Chapter 4. : Entering Estimates
Chapter 5. : Entering Dependencies
Chapter 6. : Entering Deadlines and Constraints
Chapter 7. : Entering Resources
Chapter 8. : Entering Assignments
Chapter 9. : Optimizing The Schedule
Chapter 10. : Reporting
Chapter 11. : Updating The Schedule
Chapter 12. : Evaluating The Project
Chapter 13. : Summary

Appendix A : Certification Curriculum Sample Exam Questions
Appendix B : Certified Schedules Available for Download

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