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ESCO : Energy Services Company Handbook

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Title: ESCO : Energy Services Company Handbook
Author: John M. Studebaker, Ph.D.
ISBN: 0878147705 / 9780878147700
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 365
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2001
Availability: Out of Stock
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Ninety percent of the success of your relationship with any ESCO is your ability to select, quantify, contract with, and measure the results you expect to accomplish. In his new book, industry expert and consultant John M. Studebaker, Ph. D., explains what ESCOs are, how they are evolving, and how they can benefit any electric power and natural gas utility user.

Structured from his actual experiences in working with various ESCOs as deregulation in both electricity and natural gas has continued to evolve, Studebaker explains how most retail customers will become involved in the direct purchase of these commodities, whether you want to or not. ESCOs can provide the expertise you need to make the right decision—one that best fits your needs.

The electric power industry is undergoing the greatest transformation in its 100-year history. In readable, concise fashion author Denise Warkentin explains how the electric industry works! After briefly tracing the history of the industry, she details shareholder-owned, consumer-owned utilities, as well as rural cooperatives and independent power producers. Other issues addressed include deregulation, the emergence of energy marketers, and the flurry of mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations now ongoing.

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Section 1 : ESCOs—Their Past, Present, and Future
Chapter 1 : ESCOs—A Brief History and Overview

Section 2 : The Customer/ESCO Relationship Process
Chapter 2 : Step 1 : Customer Commitment
Chapter 3 : Step 2 : RFP Development Process
Chapter 4 : Step 3 and 4 : Customer RFP-Bid Invitation Process
Chapter 5 : Step 5 : Pre-RFP Bid Meeting
Step 6 : ESCO Response to Customer RFP
Chapter 6 : Step 7 : Customer Evaluation of ESCO Bid Responses
Chapter 7 : Step 8 : ESCO Selection Process
Chapter 8 : Step 9 : Formulation of Written Documents
Chapter 9 : Step 10 : Actual ESCO Facility Evaluation Process
Chapter 10 : Step 11 : Customer Evaluation of ESCO Energy Services/Commodity Proposals
Chapter 11 : Step 12 : Customer/ESCO Contract
Chapter 12 : Step 13 : Ongoing Measurement/Verification Processes

Section 3 : Appendices
Appendix A : Listing of For-Profit Utility Regulatory Agencies—Federal and State
Appendix B : Glossary of Terms
Appendix C : Miscellaneous Conversion Factors
Appendix D : For-Profit Utilities by State
Appendix E : Listing of ESCO Companies

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