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Electric Safety : Practice and Standards

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Title: Electric Safety : Practice and Standards
Author: Mohamed El-Sharkawi
ISBN: 1466571497 / 9781466571495
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 470
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2014
Availability: 5-7 days
Special Indian Edition.
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Unfortunately, most power engineers are not familiar with the electric safety practices governing site works or grounding practices of dwellings, hospitals, and industries. This book provides the knowledge and analysis they need to be versed on electric safety and, therefore, effectively transfer the skills to their field workers. It includes several case studies from real events and examples showing that variations in implementing electric safety procedures can create sites with various safety levels. This practical book can be used worldwide since electric safety codes are very similar everywhere.


Chapter 1 : Introduction to Electric Safety
Chapter 2 : Fundamentals of Electricity
Chapter 3 : Basic Components of Electric Grid
Chapter 4 : Physiological Effects of Electricity
Chapter 5 : Ground Resistance
Chapter 6 : General Hazards of Electricity
Chapter 7 : Induced Voltage due to Magnetic Field
Chapter 8 : Induced Voltage on Pipelines, Railroads and Telecommunication Cables
Chapter 9 : De-Energized Line Work
Chapter 10 : Live-Line Work
Chapter 11 : Atmospheric Discharge
Chapter 12 : Stray and Contact Voltage
Chapter 13 : Electric Safety under Power Lines


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