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Electrical Equipment Handbook : Troubleshooting & Maintenance

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Title: Electrical Equipment Handbook : Troubleshooting & Maintenance
Author: Philip Kiameh
ISBN: 0071396039 / 9780071396035
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 700
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2003
Availability: Out of Stock
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Maximize your company’s energy output while ensuring the reliability and longevity of your industrial electrical equipment!

Everything you need for selection, applications, operations, diagnostic testing, troubleshooting and maintenance for all capital equipment placed firmly in your grasp. Keeping your equipment running efficiently and smoothly could make the difference between profit and loss. Electrical Equipment Handbook : Troubleshooting and Maintenance provides you with the state-of–the-art information for achieving the highest performance from your transformers, motors, speed drives, generator, rectifiers, and inverters. With this book in hand you'll understand various diagnostic testing methods and inspection techniques as well as advance fault detection techniques critical components and common failure modes. This handbook will answer all your questions about industrial electrical equipment.


Chapter 1 : Fundamentals of Electric Systems
Chapter 2 : Introduction to Machinery Principles
Chapter 3 : Transformers
Chapter 4 : Transformer Components and Maintenance
Chapter 5 : AC Machine Fundamentals
Chapter 6 : Induction Motors
Chapter 7 : Speed Control of Induction Motors
Chapter 8 : Maintenance of Motors
Chapter 9 : Power Electronics, Rectifiers, and Pulse-Width Modulation Inverters
Chapter 10 : Variable-Speed Drives
Chapter 11 : Synchronous Machines
Chapter 12 : Synchronous Generators
Chapter 13 : Generator Components, Auxiliaries, and Excitation
Chapter 14 : Generator Main Connections
Chapter 15 : Performance and Operation of Generators
Chapter 16 : Generator Surveillance and Testing
Chapter 17 : Generator Inspection and Maintenance
Chapter 18 : Generator Operational Problems and Refurbishment Options
Chapter 19 : Circuit Breakers
Chapter 20 : Fuses
Chapter 21 : Bearings
Chapter 22 : Used-Oil Analysis
Chapter 23 : Vibration Analysis
Chapter 24 : Power Station Electrical System and Design Requirements
Chapter 25 : Power Station Protective Systems


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