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Electrical Power Capacitors : Design and Manufacture

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Title: Electrical Power Capacitors : Design and Manufacture
Author: D. M. Tagare
ISBN: 0074635948 / 9780074635940
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 380
Publisher: TMH
Year: 2011
Availability: Out of Stock
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Capacitors are devises which can store electric charge. They are used in tuned circuits, timing circuits, filters, amplifier circuits. And are used for power factor correction for starting single phase motors.

Electrical Power Capacitors : design and manufacture, describes the raw materials used in the manufacture of capacitors and evaluates them. Written by an engineer who has more than 30 years of experience, the book deals with the aspects of construction and design of capacitor units. Some of the aspects covered include thermal design, partial discharges, aging, dielectric breakdown, metallised film type and aluminium foil type capacitors. The book also reviews the development of capacitors.

A significant feature of the book is testing. It includes tests, type of tests and tests for insurance qualifications-aspects which are of immense importance for engineers.

Other topics include:

  • medium frequency capacitors
  • DC and storage capacitors
  • series, harmonic filter and surge protection capacitors
  • specifications accord to International Electric Commission (IEC)
  • illustrations


Section I : The Building Blocks : Construction Materials
Chapter 1 :
Chapter 2 : Condensor Tissue Paper
Chapter 3 : Polypropylene Film
Chapter 4 : Aluminium Foil and Other Materials of Construction
Chapter 5 : Impregnating Liquids
Chapter 6 : Metallised Dielectric

Section II : Design and Manufacture
Chapter 7 :
Construction and Design of a Capacitor Unit
Chapter 8 : The Thermal Design
Chapter 9 : Manufacture of Capacitors : The Matellised Film Type
Chapter 10 : Manufacture of Capacitors : Aluminium Foil Type
Chapter 11 : Fabrication of Capacitors : Some Detailed Considerations
Chapter 12 : Partial Discharges, Ageing and Dielectric Breakdown of Capacitors

Section III : Testing of Capacitors
Chapter 13 :
Testing of Shunt Power Capacitors : General Requirements, Safety, and Routine Tests
Chapter 14 : Testing of Shunt Power Capacitors : Type Tests
Chapter 15 : Testing fo Shunt Power Capacitors : Further Type Tests, Test for Insurance Qualifications

Section IV : Special Purpose Capacitors
Chapter 16 :
DC and Energy Storage Capacitors
Chapter 17 : Series Capacitors : Operation in Networks
Chapter 18 : Series Capacitors : Accessories and Designs
Chapter 19 : Capacitors for Industrial Arc Furnaces
Chapter 20 : Harmonics
Chapter 21 : Surge Protection Capacitors in R-C Combination
Chapter 22 : Capacitive Voltage Transformers, (CVTs), Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CCVTs) of Coupling Capacitor (CCs)
Chapter 23 : The Future for Capacitors : Design and Manufacture

Annexure I

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