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Electrical Safety of Low-Voltage Systems

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Title: Electrical Safety of Low-Voltage Systems
Author: Massimo Mitolo
ISBN: 007150818X / 9780071508186
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 304
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2009
Availability: In Stock
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Electrical Safety of Low-Voltage Systems offers you a comprehensive safety regimen, based on the fundamental characteristics of low-voltage electrical systems. Fully explaining the grounding and bonding of low-voltage systems as they relate to article 250 of the National Electrical Code®, this essential safety tool provides an analytical approach to accident control to replace the haphazard rules of thumb currently in use.


Chapter 1 : Basic Definitions and Nomenclature
Chapter 2 : Fundamentals of Electrical Safety
Chapter 3 : Mathematical Principles of Electrical Safety
Chapter 4 : The Earth
Chapter 5 : Effects of Electric Currents Passing Through the Human Body, and Safety Requirements
Chapter 6 : TT Grounding System
Chapter 7 : TN Grounding System
Chapter 8 : Protective Multiple Earthing(TN-C-S Grounding System)
Chapter 9 : IT Grounding System
Chapter 10 : Extra-Low-Voltage Systems
Chapter 11 : Earth Electrodes, Protective Conductors, and Equipotential Bonding Conductors
Chapter 12 : Safety Against Overvoltages
Chapter 13 : Safety Against Static Electricity
Chapter 14 : Testing the Electrical Safety
Chapter 15 : Applications of Electrical Safety in Special Locations and Installations

Appendix A : Sinusoids and Phasors
Appendix B : Fundamental Conventions and Electric circuit Theorems
Appendix C : Fundamental Units, Symbols, and Correct Spellings

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