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Electricity Purchasing Handbook

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Title: Electricity Purchasing Handbook
Author: John M. Studebaker, Ph.D
ISBN: 0878146342 / 9780878146345
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 660
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 1997
Availability: In Stock
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This guide teaches you how to take advantage of the deregulated electric power market, and helps you sort out all the potential opportunities and pitfalls that may increase or reduce electricity costs. To accurately assess electricity costs, you must understand how electricity flows from generator to purchaser, and how costs are accumulated.


Chapter 1 : Electricity-An Overview
Chapter 2 : Regulation of Electric Utilities
Chapter 3 : Electricity Cost Reduction Strategies
Chapter 4 : Electricity Retail Wheeling
Chapter 5 : Understanding Electric Utility Billing
Chapter 6 : The Basic Cost Components of Electricity Billing
Chapter 7 : An Introduction to Cogeneration
Chapter 8 : The Detailed Cogeneration Process

Appendix A : Listing of For-Profit Utility Regulatory Agencies
Appendix B : Listing of For-Profit Utilities
Appendix C : Listing of Municipal Utility Regulatory Agencies
Appendix D : Listing of Rural Electric (Cooperative) System Regulatory Agencies
Appendix E : Miscellaneous Utility Regulation Information
Appendix F : Listing of Retail Wheeling Information Publications
Appendix G : Listing of General Electricity Information Publications
Appendix H : Glossary of Electric Terms
Appendix I : Miscellaneous Electricity Conversion Factors

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