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Energy Harvesting Systems for IoT Applications : Generation, Storage, and Power Management

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Title: Energy Harvesting Systems for IoT Applications : Generation, Storage, and Power Management
Author: , Mark Wong
ISBN: 149871725X / 9781498717250
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 620
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2019
Availability: Out of Stock
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The book offers a study of the concepts, existing technologies, and design principles necessary for energy harvesting to be applicable in creating perpetual and infinitely operating wireless sensor nodes and sensing devices. It emphasizes the application of developed practical implemented energy harvesting systems like building, automotive, etc. The book describes how energy harvesting can complement the limitations of legacy batteries in emerging applications. The various sources of energy that can be harnessed, and the integration of cutting-edge energy generation, storage technologies, and power management techniques, are discussed in basic terms. The most recent advancements and developments in energy harvesting systems are covered in detail; including methods of performance enhancement and advances in both low-power electronics, as well as how these optimized EH-WSN systems are successfully integrated into real-life deployments/applications.

  • Sets out the design challenges of EH-IoT in facing imminent energy crisis, more energy with less space, and mitigation strategy for prolonging battery-powered operation.
  • Offers a holistic and complete review of energy harvesting devices, products, and systems.
  • Provides a holistic overview of power constraints of modern electronic devices and how energy harvesting can circumvent, compliment, or solve finite power source problems.
  • Explains and demonstrates the conventional and exotic EH systems be used in the real world.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Review of Energy Harvesting Devices, Products and Systems
Chapter 3 : Potentials and Limits of Energy Harvesting Systems : Assessment of Electric Power Sources
Chapter 4 : Energy Harvesting Systems for IoT Applications
Chapter 5 : Towards Truly Perpetual Energy Harvesting Operations


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