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Energy Project Financing : Resources and Strategies for Success

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Title: Energy Project Financing : Resources and Strategies for Success
Author: Albert Thumann, Eric Woodroof
ISBN: 8770223939 / 9788770223935
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 474
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2021
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks.
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This practical application reference provides a resource for those seeking to utilize the innovative methods now available to finance energy projects. The full scope of current project financing practices are fully examined and assessed, including coverage of energy service performance contracting, rate of return analysis, measurement and verification of energy savings, and more. Readers will receive the facts they need to assess a project's payback in advance, anticipate and avoid potential risks and/or hidden costs, and assure that your energy project is an overall economic success. Other topics covered include financing international projects and ESCO’s (Energy Service Company’s) financing.


Chapter 1 : Background on the Need for Financing Energy Projects
Chapter 2 : Financing Energy Management Projects
Chapter 3 : Choosing the Right Financing for your Energy Efficiency
Chapter 4 : Financing Energy Projects through Performance Contracting
Chapter 5 : The Power Purchase Agreement (PC for Solar)
Chapter 6 : Selling Projects to Financiers
Chapter 7 : Key Risk and Structuring Provisions for Bankable Transactions
Chapter 8 : When Firms Publicize Energy Management Projects
Chapter 9 : Overcoming the Three Main Barriers to Energy Efficiency or "GREEN" Projects
Chapter 10 : Basics of Energy Project Financing
Chapter 11 : Codes,Standards and Legislation
Chapter 12 : The Energy Audit


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