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Energy and Society : An Introduction, 2nd Edition

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Title: Energy and Society : An Introduction, 2nd Edition
Author: Harold H. Schobert
ISBN: 1439826455 / 9781439826454
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 721
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2014
Availability: 45-60 days
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Energy and Society : An Introduction, Second Edition provides readers with a detailed introduction to energy sources and energy utilization. This book presents an overview of alternative energy issues and technologies, discusses the pros and cons of various energy sources, and explores their impacts on society and the environment.

What’s New in the Second Edition:

This second edition offers simple updates, as well as completely rewritten material, regarding the last decade in areas including global climate change, oil prices, renewable and alternative fuels, and diversion of civil nuclear energy programs into nuclear weapons proliferation. It covers the development of energy technology from the time of early humans through antiquity, medieval times, and the Industrial Revolution. It also addresses the development of nuclear energy, energy supply and demand, geopolitics of energy, and the various environmental issues associated with energy use.

  • Keeps mathematics to a minimum, making the book usable for a variety of academic majors
  • Includes up-to-date coverage of all new energy sources
  • Traces the development and utilization of energy throughout history

Energy and Society : An Introduction, Second Edition can benefit undergraduate students taking a survey course in engineering, as well as professionals in the energy supply, energy planning, or environmental industry.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Energy, Work, and Power
Chapter 3 : Human Energy
Chapter 4 : The Energy Balance
Chapter 5 : Fire
Chapter 6 : Firewood
Chapter 7 : Combustion for Home Comfort
Chapter 8 : Waterwheels
Chapter 9 : Wind Energy
Chapter 10 : The Steam Engine
Chapter 11 : Heat and Thermal Efficiency
Chapter 12 : Introduction to Electricity
Chapter 13 : How Electricity Is Generated
Chapter 14 : Impacts of Electricity on Society
Chapter 15 : Electricity from Falling Water
Chapter 16 : Electricity from Steam
Chapter 17 : Energy for Transportation
Chapter 18 : Petroleum and Its Products
Chapter 19 : Gasoline
Chapter 20 : The Impact of The Automobile
Chapter 21 : Jet Engines and Jet Fuel
Chapter 22 : Diesel Engines and Diesel Fuel
Chapter 23 : Atomic Energy
Chapter 24 : Nuclear Power Plants
Chapter 25 : The Nuclear Controversy
Chapter 26 : Energy and The Environment
Chapter 27 : Acid Rain
Chapter 28 : Vehicle Emissions and Emissionless Vehicles
Chapter 29 : Global Climate Change
Chapter 30 : Fossil Energy : Reserves, Resources, and Geopolitics
Chapter 31 : Renewable Energy from Biomass
Chapter 32 : Electricity from Wind
Chapter 33 : Energy from The Sun
Chapter 34 : Nuclear Fusion : Bringing The Sun to Earth


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