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Engineered Materials Handbook Vol. 2 : Engineering Plastics

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Title: Engineered Materials Handbook Vol. 2 : Engineering Plastics
Author: ASM
ISBN: 0871702800 / 9780871702807
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 883
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 1988
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Engineering Plastics is designed and written for working engineers. The volume's Guide to Engineering Plastics Families offers articles describing 40 major engineering plastics families, 29 thermoplastics and 11 thermosets. Content includes major commercially available resins, typical costs, major applications, competitive materials, significant characteristics, performance properties, design and processing considerations, and major suppliers.

The other sections move in to manufacturing processes considerations, such as function and properties requirements, size, shape and design detail considerations, and surface requirements.
Properties Considerations: Aggregate properties approach to design requirements; viscoelasticity; long-term environmental effects on properties; mechanical, thermal, electrical, and optical properties; properties modification by polymer/polymer mixtures and use of additives; and properties of thermoplastic structural foamTesting and Characterization for this unique class of materials is also discussed, including physical, mechanical, chemical, thermal and electrical testing and analysis.

Structural Analysis and Design covers the use of engineering formulas; important properties divergences; creep and relaxation; and impact and fatigue loading. The Failure Analysis section discusses performance in service, such as Creep, stress relaxation, and yielding; brazing and fracture; fatigue failure; thermal stresses and physical aging; moisture and organic chemical related failure; photolytic and microbial degradation; surface analysis; and ultrasonic nondestructive analysis.

Policy on Units of Measure
Authors and Reviewers

Section 1 : General Design Considerations
Section 2 : Guide to Engineering Plastics Families
Section 3 : Manufacturing Process Selection
Section 4 : Properties Considerations
Section 5 : Testing and Characterization
Section 6 : Metarials Selection
Section 7 : Structural Analysis and Design
Section 8 : Failure Analysis

Metric Conversion Guide
Abbreviations and Symbols

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