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Engineering Emergence : A Modeling and Simulation Approach

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Title: Engineering Emergence : A Modeling and Simulation Approach
Author: Larry B. Rainey, Mo Jamshidi
ISBN: 0367656116 / 9780367656119
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 566
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2020
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
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This book examines the nature of emergence in context of man-made (i.e. engineered) systems, in general, and system of systems engineering applications, specifically. It investigates emergence to interrogate or explore the domain space from a modeling and simulation perspective to facilitate understanding, detection, classification, prediction, control, and visualization of the phenomenon. Written by leading international experts, the text is the first to address emergence from an engineering perspective.

  • The first chapter is an introduction and overview to the text.
  • The book provides 12 chapters that have a theoretical foundation for this subject.
  • Includes 7 specific example chapters of how various modeling and simulation paradigms/techniques can be used to investigate emergence in an engineering context to facilitate understanding, detection, classification, prediction, control and visualization of emergent behavior.
  • The final chapter offers lessons learned and the proposed way-ahead for this discipline.


Section I : Introduction and Overview
Chapter 1 :
Introduction and Overview for Engineering Emergence : A Modeling and Simulation Approach
Chapter 2 : System of Systems Engineering - An Overview

Section II : Theoretical Perspectives
Chapter 3 :
DEVS-Based Modeling and Simulation Framework for Emergence in System of Systems
Chapter 4 : Sources for Emergence and Development of System of Systems
Chapter 5 : Leveraging Deterministic Chaos to Mitigate Combinatorial Explosions
Chapter 6 : Phenomenological and Ontological Models for Predicting Emergence
Chapter 7 : System of Systems Process Model
Chapter 8 : An Ontology of Emergence
Chapter 9 : Modeling and Validation Challenges for Complex Systems
Chapter 10 : Foundations for the Modeling and Simulation of Emergent Behavior Systems
Chapter 11 : Characterizing Emergent Behavior in Systems of Systems
Chapter 12 : Engineered to Be Secure
Chapter 13 : Cyber Insecurity is Growing
Chapter 14 : The Challenge of Performing Research Which Will Contribute Helpful Engineering Knowledge Concerning Emergence

Section III : Theoretical Perspectives with Practical Applications
Chapter 15 :
Examination of Emergent Behavior in the Ballistic Missile Defense System : A Modeling and Simulation Approach
Chapter 16 : Simulating Variable System Structures for Engineering Emergence
Chapter 17 : Emergence as a Macroscopic Feature in Man-Made Systems
Chapter 18 : Monterey Phoenix—Behavior Modeling Approach for the Early Verification and Validation of System of Systems Emergent Behaviors
Chapter 19 : A Model-Based Approach to Investigate Emergent Behaviors in Systems of Systems
Chapter 20 : InterDyne : A Simulation Method for Exploring Emergent Behavior Deriving from Interaction Dynamics
Chapter 21 : Emergence in the Context of System of Systems

Section IV : Summary
Chapter 22 :
Lessons Learned and the Proposed Way-Ahead


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