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Essential Statistical Concepts for The Quality Professional

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Title: Essential Statistical Concepts for The Quality Professional
Author: D. H. Stamatis
ISBN: 1439894574 / 9781439894576
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 510
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2012
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
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Many books and articles have been written on how to identify the "root cause" of a problem. However, the essence of any root cause analysis in our modern quality thinking is to go beyond the actual problem. This book offers a new non-technical statistical approach to quality for effective improvement and productivity by focusing on very specific and fundamental methodologies as well as tools for the future. It examines the fundamentals of statistical understanding, and by doing that the book shows why statistical use is important in the decision making process.

Chapter 1 : What Is Statistics?
Chapter 2 : Data
Chapter 3 : Summarizing Data
Chapter 4 : Tests and Confidence Intervals for Means
Chapter 5 : Tests and Confidence Intervals for Standard Deviations
Chapter 6 : Tests of Distributions and Means
Chapter 7 : Understanding and Planning the Experiment and Analysis of Variance
Chapter 8 : Fitting Functions
Chapter 9 : Typical Sampling Techniques
Chapter 10 : Understanding Computer Programs for Design and Estimating Design Power
Chapter 11 : Epilogue

Appendix A : Minitab Computer Usage
Appendix B : Formulae Based on Statistical Categories
Appendix C : General Statistical Formulae
Appendix D : Hypothesis Testing Road Map
Appendix E : Test indicators
Appendix F : Hypothesis Testing - Selected Explanations and Examples
Appendix G : When to Use Quality Tools - A Selected List
Selected Bibliography

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