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Ethics and Project Management

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Title: Ethics and Project Management
Author: Ralph L. Kliem
ISBN: 1439852618 / 9781439852613
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 244
Publisher: Auerbach
Year: 2011
Availability: Out of Stock
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Ethics plays a critical role in project management, but all too often, its importance is overlooked. This benign neglect can result in serious consequences to individuals and organizations, ranging from tarnished reputations to civil and criminal liability. Ethics and Project Management demonstrates the importance of making ethics a key consideration in managing projects and describes the impacts that occur when ethical transgressions arise.

Providing the tools necessary for project managers to avoid an ethical lapse that can put themselves and their organization at risk, this volume:

  • Defines ethics and places it within the project management context
  • Discusses the contents of the Project Management Institute’s code of ethics
  • Enables project managers to recognize the trends that precipitate ethical dilemmas on a project
  • Demonstrates how ethical concerns permeate the entire project life cycle
  • Provides tips on establishing a governance protocol to ensure ethical compliance
  • Explores legal issues that arise from unethical behavior
  • Examines how ethical concerns on a project can have global implications, and how to operate in international settings with cultural differences

Each chapter ends with a Getting Started Checklist, facilitating immediate application of the concepts discussed and making it easy for project managers to determine whether they are in compliance with ethical standards. Providing a solid roadmap for the ethical health of a project, this volume is essential reading for all those concerned with avoiding the disastrous consequences of a cavalier approach to ethics.


Chapter 1 : Ethics and Project Management
Chapter 2 : Why Ethics Should Matter to Project Managers
Chapter 3 : Project Management Code of Ethics
Chapter 4 : The Ethical Trends and Challenges Confronting Project Managers
Chapter 5 : How Ethics Permeates the Entire Project Life Cycle
Chapter 6 : Ethics and Project Governance
Chapter 7 : Ethics and the Law
Chapter 8 : Ethics, Globalization, and Project Management
Chapter 9 : Making Ethics a Reality


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