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Fatigue and Durability of Metals at High Temperatures

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Title: Fatigue and Durability of Metals at High Temperatures
Author: S.S. Manson and G.R. Halford
ISBN: 0871707187 / 9780871707185
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 265
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 2009
Availability: In Stock
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From concept to application, this book describes the method of strain-range partitioning for analyzing time-dependent fatigue. Creep (time-dependent) deformation is first introduced for monotonic and cyclic loading. Multiple chapters then discuss strain-range partitioning in details for multi-axial loading conditions and how different loading permutations can lead to different micro-mechanistic effects. Notably, the total-strain method of strain-range partitioning (SRP) is described, which is a methodology that sees use in several industries. Examples from aerospace illustrate applications, and methods for predicting time-dependent metal fatigue are critiqued.

Preface by S. S. Manson
Preface to First Volume by S. S. Manson
Preface to First Volume by G. R. Halford
About The Authors

Chapter 1 : Creep Under Monotonic and Cyclic Loading
Chapter 2 : Creep Rupture
Chapter 3 : Strain-Range Partitioning—Concepts and Analytical Methods
Chapter 4 : Strain-Range Conversion—An Extended View of Strain-Range Partitioning
Chapter 5 : Partitioning of Hysteresis Loops and Life Relations
Chapter 6 : Total Strain-Based Strain-Range Partitioning—Isothermal and Thermomechanical Fatigue
Chapter 7 : Treatment of Multiaxial Loading
Chapter 8 : Critique of Predictive Methods for Treatment of Time-Dependent Metal Fatigue at High Temperatures
Chapter 9 : Obstacles to High-Temperature Structural Durability of Continuous-Fiber Metal-Matrix Composites
Chapter 10 : Aerospace Applications—Example Fatigue Problems


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