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Fracture and Fatigue of Welded Joints and Structures

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Title: Fracture and Fatigue of Welded Joints and Structures
Author: Kenneth MacDonald
ISBN: 1845695135 / 9781845695132
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 360
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing
Year: 2011
Availability: 45-60 days
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The failure of any welded joint is at best inconvenient and at worst can lead to catastrophic accidents. Fracture and fatigue of welded joints and structures analyses the processes and causes of fracture and fatigue, focusing on how the failure of welded joints and structures can be predicted and minimised in the design process.

Part one concentrates on analysing fracture of welded joints and structures, with chapters on constraint-based fracture mechanics for predicting joint failure, fracture assessment methods and the use of fracture mechanics in the fatigue analysis of welded joints. In part two, the emphasis shifts to fatigue, and chapters focus on a variety of aspects of fatigue analysis including assessment of local stresses in welded joints, fatigue design rules for welded structures, k-nodes for offshore structures and modelling residual stresses in predicting the service life of structures.

With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, Fracture and fatigue of welded joints and structures is an essential reference for mechanical, structural and welding engineers, as well as those in the academic sector with a research interest in the field.

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Part I : Analysing Fracture of Welded Joints and Structures
Chapter 1 : Constraint-Based Fracture Mechanics in Predicting the Failure of Welded Joints
Chapter 2 : Constraint Fracture Mechanics : Test Methods
Chapter 3 : Fracture Assessment Methods for Welded Structures
Chapter 4 : The Use of Fracture Mechanics in the Fatigue Analysis of Welded Joints

Part II : Analysing Fatigue of Welded Joints and Structures
Chapter 5 : Fatigue Strength Assessment of Local Stresses in Welded Joints
Chapter 6 : Improving Weld Class Systems in Assessing the Fatigue Life of Different Welded Joint Designs
Chapter 7 : Fatigue Design Rules for Welded Structures
Chapter 8 : Fatigue Assessment Methods for Variable Amplitude Loading of Welded Structures
Chapter 9 : Reliability Apects in Fatigue Design of Welded Structures Using Selected Local Approached : The Example of K-Nodes for Offshore Constructions
Chapter 10 : Assessing Residual Stresses in Predicting the Service Life of Welded Structures
Chapter 11 : Fatigue Strength Improvement Methods


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