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Fundamentals of Trading Energy Futures & Options, 3rd Edition

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Title: Fundamentals of Trading Energy Futures & Options, 3rd Edition
Author: , Luc Marest
ISBN: 1593703260 / 9781593703264
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 306
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2018
Availability: In Stock
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Trading in energy futures and options plays a key role in hedging against fluctuations in the price of energy commodities, especially crude oil and natural gas. This long-awaited new edition highlights how exchange-traded futures and options markets work and how companies can successfully use the markets in their overall strategy to increase profitability. This wide-ranging new edition offers valuable insight for young professionals and students. Discussions on market efficiency, the role of commodities in Modern Portfolio Theory, and the NYMEX introduction of Clearport are all covered in this introduction to futures markets.

Features of the new edition:

  • New chapters on swaps and fundamentals
  • Expanded chapters on technical analysis and options
  • The crucial role ETFs and ETNs play in the commodities markets


Chapter 1 : Futures and Options
Chapter 2 : Commodity and Options Contracts and Markets
Chapter 3 : Market Mechanism
Chapter 4 : Market Efficiency
Chapter 5 : Energy and Other Commodities in Modern Portfolio Theory
Chapter 6 : Fundamental Analysis
Chapter 7 : Behavior of Futures Prices, Arbitrage, and Rolling Strategies
Chapter 8 : Speculation and Spread Trading
Chapter 9 : Technical Analysis and Quantitative Analysis
Chapter 10 : Hedging
Chapter 11 : Swaps
Chapter 12 : Introduction to Options and Futures
Chapter 13 : Option Valuation
Chapter 14 : Energy Options Strategies
Chapter 15 : Evolution of Energy Markets
Chapter 16 : History and Growth of Derivatives Markets

Appendix : Important International Organizations and Websites Related to Trading Energy Commodities and Futures

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