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Gear Materials, Properties, and Manufacture

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Title: Gear Materials, Properties, and Manufacture
Author: J.R. Davis
ISBN: 0871708159 / 9780871708151
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 339
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 2005
Availability: In Stock
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All of the critical technical aspects of gear materials technology are addressed in this new reference work. Gear Materials, Properties, and Manufacture is intended for gear metallurgists and materials specialists, manufacturing engineers, lubrication technologists, and analysts concerned with gear failures who seek a better understanding of gear performance and gear life. This volume complements other gear texts that emphasize the design, geometry, and theory of gears.The coverage begins with an overview of the various types of gears used, important gear terminology, applied stresses and strength requirements associated with gears, and lubrication and wear. This is followed by in-depth treatment of metallic (ferrous and nonferrous alloys) and plastic gear materials. Emphasis is on the properties of carburized steels, the material of choice for high-performance power transmission gearing. The increasing use of plastics for both motion-carrying and power transmission applications is also addressed.


Introduction to Gear Technology
Chapter 1 : Basic Understanding of Gears
Chapter 2 : Gear Tribology and Lubrication

Gear Materials
Chapter 3 : Ferrous and Nonferrous Alloys
Chapter 4 : Plastics

Gear Manufacture
Chapter 5 : Machining, Grinding, and Finishing
Chapter 6 : Casting, Forming, and Forging
Chapter 7 : Powder Metallurgy

Heat Treatment of Gears
Chapter 8 : Through Hardening
Chapter 9 : Carburizing
Chapter 10 : Nitriding
Chapter 11 : Carbonitriding
Chapter 12 : Induction and Flame Hardening

Failure Analysis, Fatigue Life Prediction, and Mechanical Testing
Chapter 13 : Gear Failure Modes and Analysis
Chapter 14 : Fatigue and Life Prediction
Chapter 15 : Mechanical Testing


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