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Getting Used to Success

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Title: Getting Used to Success
Author: H.J. Shalev
ISBN: 9388955048 / 9789388955041
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 355
Publisher: Kojo Press
Year: 2020
Availability: In Stock
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As an executive of a business owner, your success depends first and foremost on your mental conduct. It’s not enough to learn tactical methods and techniques of plan a strategy; in order to succeed in today’s competitive reality, you must first tackle your mental side and reprogram your ‘operating system’ for prosperity. Once you do that, you can eliminate what is blocking your success, excel your execution and break through!   

The “Getting Used to Success” is a unique practical and implementable book that combines the mental and the physical, spiritual and tangible, ‘being’ and ‘doing’ aspects needed to succeed in business and career.

The methodology presented in this book is an effective, practical and structured formula for transforming any debilitating habit into a better one, to generate business success, money, and prosperity.

About the Author
Introduction: Why should you read this book?

Part I : Getting Used to Change
Chapter 1 :
A Conscious Transformation from Employed to Self-Employed
Chapter 2 : Why Change is Inevitable
Chapter 3 : The Three Key Principles of Success
Chapter 4 : Why Do Most Attempts to Change Fail, and What Are the Principles for Successful Transformation?
Chapter 5 : From Two Wheels to Four Wheels
Chapter 6 : The Silent Partner That Determines Your results
Chapter 7 : The Automatic Pilot - Our Main Roadblock

Part II : Getting Used to Success
Chapter 8 :
The Change Begins Now!
Chapter 9 : The Practical Implementation of the Transformation Process

Part III : Practical Tools to Get Used to Success
Chapter 10 :
Three Mega Tools for Effectively Implementing Change
Chapter 11 : How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Effectively
Chapter 12 : The Ultimate Tool for Creating the Reality You Want
Chapter 13 : Become the Person You Wish to Be
Chapter 14 : Epilogue

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