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Grid Integration of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

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Title: Grid Integration of Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Author: D P Kothari, M Rizwan, Majid Jamil
ISBN: 1498798322 / 9781498798327
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 256
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2017
Availability: 45-60 days
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This book covers the various aspects of solar photovoltaic systems including measurement of solar irradiance, solar photovoltaic modules, arrays with MATLAB implementation, recent MPPT techniques, latest literature of converter design (with MATLAB Simulink models), energy storage for PV applications, balance of systems, grid integration of PV systems, PV system protection, economics of grid connected PV system and system yield performance using PV system. Challenges, issues and solutions related to grid integration of solar photovoltaic systems are also be dealt with.

  • Covers most of the syllabus related to Photovoltaic Systems;
  • Most chapters come with numerical problems and tutorials;
  • MATLAB Implementation has been presented for practicing engineers and research scholars;
  • Latest protection schemes and challenges are presented with standards which are rarely available in competitive books;
  • Case studies based on PVsyst have been provided.


Chapter 1 : Exposure to Renewable Energy Sources
Chapter 2 : Electrical Fundamentals
Chapter 3 : Measurement and Estimation of Solar Irradiance
Chapter 4 : Solar Photovoltaic Cells, Modules, and Arrays
Chapter 5 : Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques and Charge Controllers
Chapter 6 : Converter Design
Chapter 7 : Energy Storage for PV Applications
Chapter 8 : Mounting Structure
Chapter 9 : Balance of Systems
Chapter 10 : Site Selection and Assessment
Chapter 11 : Grid Integration of PV Systems
Chapter 12 : PV System Protection
Chapter 13 : Economics of Grid-Connected PV Systems
Chapter 14 : System Yield and Performance
Chapter 15 : Design of Transformers, Inductors, and Filters for PV Applications


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