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Ground Currents and the Myth of Stray Voltage

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Title: Ground Currents and the Myth of Stray Voltage
Author: O.C. Seevers, P.E.
ISBN: 0881730491 / 9780881730494
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 220
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 1989
Availability: Out of Stock
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This unique reference presents new data on the flow of ground currents and stray voltage which will be of tremendous value to electrical utility engineers involved with system coordination of relays and selection of breakers and fuses. Drawing on his nearly forty years of experience as a utility engineer, the author presents detailed electrical analysis as well as information drawn from actual court cases involving stray voltage and ground currents. The book is written with a problem-solving focus, with example calculations provided.

First-time released results of empirical tests to determine the paths ground currents take, what voltages develop, what impedances they pass through, and how dangerous they really are
Impact of ground currents and impedances on operation of fuses, reclosers and relays during ground fault conditions
How understanding stray voltage can help you avoid costly lawsuits

Chapter 1 : Stray Voltage
Chapter 2 : Return Current
Chapter 3 : My Aluminum Ladder
Chapter 4 : A Real System
Chapter 5 : Elsie's Parlor
Chapter 6 : The Cow Experiment-The Set Up
Chapter 7 : The Cow Experiment-The Measurements
Chapter 8 : The Cow Experiment-Analysis
Chapter 9 : The Cow Experiment-A Ground Past Elsie
Chapter 10 : The Cow Experiment-Observations
Chapter 11 : Remote Ground
Chapter 12 : A 20,000 Foot Real Line
Chapter 13 : The Four-Span Line
Chapter 14 : Average Rod Ohms
Chapter 15 : Maximum Cow Voltage
Chapter 16 : Defending Myself
Chapter 17 : Corn Dogs and Sparklers
Chapter 18 : The Truth About Megger Readings
Chapter 19 : Two Men Standing on a Hot Oven
Chapter 20 : 4.25 Mile Line Experiment-The Set-Up
Chapter 21 : 4.25 Mile Line Experiment-Test Results
Chapter 22 : The Value of Earth Impedance
Chapter 23 : Elasticity of ZEO


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