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Guide to TQM in Service Industries

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Title: Guide to TQM in Service Industries
Author: Noriaki Kano
ISBN: 9283311302 / 9789283311300
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 260
Publisher: APO
Year: 1996
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As the service sector in the world’s economies increasingly represents more and more of the workforce, the need for this economic sector to stay productive, focused, and effective increases. To continue to grow and remain productive, the service sector will have to continually make further quality and productivity improvements.

Guide to TQM in Service Industries provides concrete examples of TQM application in the service sector through case studies of various Japanese service companies-including a hotel, utility, retail store chain, and bank, as well as the deming Prize-winning Florida Power & Light (FPL)-and discusses the future of service industries and the role TQM will play in them. Developed form studies performed by a research group established to study the TQM methods used in manufacturing industries and their application in the service sector, the research group including, among others, Kaoru Ishikawa.

Written for individuals considering the introduction of TQM and for executives, managers, and TQM promoters in companies that have already begun TQM implementation, the book includes case studies that present the hows and whys of TQM implementation in the service sector; an overview of TQM; the implementation “ vehicles” of policy and daily management; the application of TQM techniques such as the seven QC tools, the seven new QC tools, problem solving, and FMEA; the companywide promotion of TQM; and the future of service industries and the role TQM will play in them.
In discussing the past, analyzing the present, and forecasting the future of TQM implementation in service industries, Guide to TQM in service Industries is a comprehensive text that shares the successes and pitfalls encountered by companies working with TQM since the 1970s. The book follows TQM implementation in companies through years of changing business and regulatory environments, and provides guidance for TQM implementation that will be crucial to the success of service industries in the new century.


Chapter 1 : Case Studies of TQM Implementation in the Service Sector
Chapter 2 : Why Is TQM Necessary in the Service Sector?
Chapter 3 : A Clear Understanding of TQM Basics Brings Success : The Basics of TQM
Chapter 4 : The Use QC Tools and Techniques to Produce Effects
Chapter 5 : The ABC’S of TQM and QC Circle Introduction

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