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Handbook of Electric Motors : Use and Repair

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Title: Handbook of Electric Motors : Use and Repair
Author: John E. Traister
ISBN: 0133792986 / 9780133792980
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 267
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 1992
Availability: In Stock
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Designed to cover the entire field of motor applications from the various motor types to their use and repair, this book emphasizes the practical applications of electric motors, as well as how to select, use and repair them. You will find a detailed examination of split-phase, capacitor, repulsion-type, and polyphase motors, with a thorough explanation of both alternating and DC motor control. The well-organized presentation guides you through installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, testing and repair. The second edition includes a new chapter on motor efficiency improvement, including methods for measuring efficiency and calculating savings.


Chapter 1 : Introduction to Electric Motors
Chapter 2 : Split-Phase Motors
Chapter 3 : Capacitor Motors
Chapter 4 : Repulsion-Type Motors
Chapter 5 : Polyphase Motors
Chapter 6 : Alternating-Current Motor Control
Chapter 7 : Direct-Current Armature Windings
Chapter 8 : Direct-Current Motors
Chapter 9 : Direct-Current Motor Control
Chapter 10 : Universal, Shaded Pole, and Fan Motors
Chapter 11 : Generators
Chapter 12 : Selection of Electric Motors for the Job
Chapter 13 : Motor Installation
Chapter 14 : Maintenance of Electric Motors
Chapter 15 : Troubleshooting AC Motors
Chapter 16 : Troubleshooting DC Motors
Chapter 17 : Testing and Measuring Instruments
Chapter 18 : Tools for Motor Repair
Chapter 19 : Motor Repair
Chapter 20 : Motor Repair Techniques
Chapter 21 : AC Motor Windings
Chapter 22 : Motor Winding
Chapter 23 : Rewinding and Reconnecting
Chapter 24 : Motor Efficiency

Appendix : Trade Sources

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