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Handbook of Electrical Engineering: For Practitioners in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry

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Title: Handbook of Electrical Engineering: For Practitioners in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry
Author: Alan L. Sheldrake
ISBN: 0471496316 / 9780471496311
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 650
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2003
Availability: 45-60 days
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At last a comprehensive handbook detailing the application of electrical engineering to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries! The book discusses the necessary theories behind the design of facilities and offers practical guidance on selecting the electrical power systems and equipment used on offshore production platforms, drilling rigs, pipelines and chemical plants.
Features include:

material and approximations seldom found in other electrical engineering texts

'rule-of-thumb' examples to help with quick and sensible estimates before the use of more detailed methods and computer programs

non-electrical material to enable electrical engineers to interface effectively with other disciplines, such as mechanical, process, instrumentation, safety, structural or civil engineering

reference lists of international standards and conversion factors for units of measure

worked examples based on practical parameters and typical situations.
Compiled from 35 years of experience in the oil and power generating industries, Alan Sheldrake provides a careful balance between mathematical theory and comprehensive practical application knowledge. This handbook will prove an invaluable reference to practising power electrical and instrumentation engineers involved in the design, installation and maintenance of power generation and distribution systems

About the Author

Chapter 1 : Estimation of Plant Electrical Load
Chapter 2 : Gas Turbine Driven Generators
Chapter 3 : Synchronous Generators and Motors
Chapter 4 : Automatic Voltage Regulation
Chapter 5 : Induction Motors
Chapter 6 : Transformers
Chapter 7 : Switchgear and Motor Control Centres
Chapter 8 : Fuses
Chapter 9 : Cables, Wires and Cable Installation Practices
Chapter 10 : Hazardous Area Classification and the Selection of Equipment
Chapter 11 : Fault Calculations and Stability Studies
Chapter 12 : Protective Relay Coordination
Chapter 13 : Earthing and Screening
Chapter 14 : Variable Speed Electrical Drivers
Chapter 15 : Harmonic Voltages and Currents
Chapter 16 : Computer Based Power Management Systems
Chapter 17 : Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Chapter 18 : Miscellaneous Subjects
Chapter 19 : Preparing Equipment Specifications
Chapter 20 : Summary of the Generalised Theory of Electrical Machines as Applied to Synchronous Generators and Induction Motors

Appendix A : Abbreviations Commonly used in Electrical Documents
Appendix B : A List of Standards Often Used for Designing Electrical Systems and for Specifying Equi pment
Appendix C : Numbering System for Protective Devices, Control and Indication Devices for Power Systems
Appendix D : Under-Frequency and Over-Temperature Protection of Gas-Turbine Driven Generators
Appendix E : List of Document Types to be Produced During a Project
Appendix F : Worked Example for Calculating the Performance of a Gas Turbine
Appendix G : Worked Example for the Calculation of Volt-drop in a Circuit Containing an Induction Motor
Appendix H : Worked Example for the Calculation of Earthing Current and Electric Shock Hazard Potential Difference in a Rod and Grid  Earthing System
Appendix I : Conversion Factors for SI System of Units

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