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Handbook of Heat Treatment of Steels

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Title: Handbook of Heat Treatment of Steels
Author: K Prabhudev
ISBN: 0074518313 / 9780074518311
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 772
Publisher: TMH
Year: 2011
Availability: Out of Stock
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A unique and invaluable book designed for practising designers and engineers, the book presents the principles, methods and practices of heat treatment of steels, associated furnaces, and other equipments and applications.

The various types of steels are discussed along with the heat treatment operations for each type. Also discussed is the control of heat treatment processes, right from inspection of incoming steels and process control to quality control of finished parts. Different types of case hardening methods and their applications are outlined along with the problems that may be encountered on the shopfloor and the solutions. Also covered are flame and induction hardening of steels.

A unique feature is the large number of data sheets provided giving the chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties and the general characteristics of steels and their corresponding international standard grades. Also, given are the heat treatment procedures and sequence of manufacturing operations.

With its comprehensive coverage and wealth of practical data and guidelines, the book would be indispensable to heat treaters, planning engineers, material engineers, production engineers and students of metallurgy and production engineering.


Chapter 1 : Principles of Heat Treatment of Steels
Chapter 2 : Elements of the Process of Heat Treating
Chapter 3 : Heat Treatment Furnaces
Chapter 4 : Control of Heat Treating Process
Chapter 5 : Gas Nitriding
Chapter 6 : Ion Nitriding
Chapter 7 : Nitempering (Gaseous Nitrocarburizing)
Chapter 8 : Tufftride-TF1
Chapter 9 : Sursulf
Chapter 10 : Sulfinuzing
Chapter 11 : Carburizing
Chapter 12 : Cyaniding
Chapter 13 : Carbonitriding
Chapter 14 : Flame Hardening
Chapter 15 : Induction Hardening
Chapter 16 : General Engineering Steels (Quenched and Tempered Steels)
Chapter 17 : Free Cutting Steels
Chapter 18 : Spring Steels
Chapter 19 : Carbon Tool Steels
Chapter 20 : Cold Work Alloy Tool Steels
Chapter 21 : Hot Work Tool Steels
Chapter 22 : High Speed Steels
Chapter 23 : Stainless steels
Chapter 24 : Heat Resisting Steels


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