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Heavy Metals in the Environment

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Title: Heavy Metals in the Environment
Author: Bibudhendra Sarkar
ISBN: 0824706307 / 9780824706302
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 725
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 2002
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  • Description

Exploring the direct and indirect effects of environmental exposure to metals and metallic compounds, this reference presents the most current analytical techniques for the determination of heavy metals in air particles, water, soil, and biological samples-detailing the latest experimental studies to reduce the occurrence of disease, remediate contaminated sites, and establish acceptable range of oral intake (AROI) guidelines.
Heavy Metals in the Environment defines limits of safety for nutritionally essential metals....examines the distribution, mobility, and biological availability of toxic elements in the environment....provides techniques for direct metal speciation analyses...and discusses the occurrence of radionuclides in human tissues...the molecular mechanisms of metal carcinogenesis...and the design of biosensors for heavy metal detection.

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