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Heavy Oil Exploitation

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Title: Heavy Oil Exploitation
Author: Abul Jamaluddin, David Hin-Sum Law, Shawn David Taylor, Simon Ivar Andersen
ISBN: 1593703880 / 9781593703882
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 307
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2018
Availability: In Stock
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Heavy crude oils have a unique chemical nature that creates many technical challenges. In this new book, four heavy oil and bitumen experts deliver a comprehensive look at the complexities of this alternative petroleum resource. With its high viscosity and complex hydrocarbon chemistry, heavy oil requires technical personnel to use innovative approaches to enable it to flow in a porous formation and also in the production circuit and finally to treat and convert it into valuable products. While plentiful deposits exist throughout the world, this heavy hydrocarbon requires upgrades in skill and process to extract, transport, and refine.


  • Characteristics of heavy oil
  • Traditional and newest recovery methods
  • Construction and completion of a heavy oil well
  • A discussion of gas lifting, pumping systems, and sand management
  • Unique transportation and processing requirements
  • Overview of upgrading and refining requirements


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Heavy Oil Fluid Characterization
Chapter 3 : Recovery Mechanisms
Chapter 4 : Constructing and Completing a Heavy Oil Well
Chapter 5 : Production and Sand Management in Heavy Oil Reservoirs
Chapter 6 : Gathering and Processing
Chapter 7 : Transportation
Chapter 8 : Heavy Oil Processing, Upgrading, and Conversion

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