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High Voltage Engineering

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Title: High Voltage Engineering
Author: Farouk A.M. Rizk, Giao N. Trinh
ISBN: 1466513764 / 9781466513761
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 784
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2014
Availability: 45-60 days
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This self-contained book supplies background information and gives an up-to-date understanding of high-voltage engineering. It covers the physical phenomena active in insulation systems, the various factors affecting insulation performance, and the actual means of evaluating the insulation performance and their application in the establishment of technical specifications. In addition, the book discusses the design, selection, and testing of high-voltage power equipment and their maintenance practices. The emphasis is on how to deal with practical situations that may be encountered in operating high-voltage power equipment.


Part I : Fundamentals : Insulation Stress
Chapter 1 :
Power System Overvoltages
Chapter 2 : Electric Field Calculation
Chapter 3 : Statistical Analysis

Part II : Fundamentals : Insulation Strength
Chapter 4 :
Electric Breakdown of Gases
Chapter 5 : Electric Breakdown in Liquids
Chapter 6 : Electric Breakdown in Solids and Composite Materials

Part III : Applications : Overhead Lines
Chapter 7 :
Underground Cables
Chapter 8 : Power Transformers

Part IV : High-Voltage Design and Testing : High-Voltage Testing and Measuring Techniques
Chapter 9 :
Insulation Coordination


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