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Hoshin Kanri : Policy Deployment for Successful TQM

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Title: Hoshin Kanri : Policy Deployment for Successful TQM
Author: Yoji Akao
ISBN: 1138031798 / 9781138031791
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 244
Publisher: Productivity Press
Availability: In Stock
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How do you bridge the sometimes overwhelming gap between your corporate goals and the deployment of those goals?

Hoshin Kanri, the Japanese term for policy deployment, is an approach to strategic planning and quality improvement that has become a pillar of quality management for a growing number of US companies. This policy deployment strategy has become a critical tool for bridging that gap between corporate goals and their successful companywide deployment.

Hoshin Kanri offers top and middle managers a guide for customizing a policy deployment strategy specially suited for their company. This book is a compilation of examples from sucessful policy deployment that demonstrate how company vision is converted into individual resposibility, and how corporate ideals becoming living reality. Charts, diagrams, and case studies lead you through planning, implementation, and the review process for managed change. With Hoshin Kanri there is a continual process of checking to make sure what is done reflects the intentions, targets, and vision the company has agreed to pursue.

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Introduction by Greg Watson

Chapter 1 : TQM and Hoshin Kanri

  • Hoshin Kanri and Target Control
  • Target and Policy
  • Target Deployment
  • Means Deployment
  • Target Deployment and Means Deployment
  • Hoshin Kanri and Control Items
  • Hoshin Kanri and QC Circles

Chapter 2 : Promotion of Hoshin Kanri

  • Overall Control System
  • Hoshin Kanri : Basic Concept
  • Hoshin Kanri as a Part of TQM
  • Basic Promotion of Hoshin Kanri

Chapter 3 : Control Items for Hoshin Kanri

  • The Role of Control Items in Hoshin Kanri Systems
  • Definition of a Control Item
  • System of Control Items
  • Concept of Control Items
  • Advantages of Determining Control Items
  • The Origin of Control Items in Hoshin Kanri
  • Target Deployment and Control Items
  • Operation Zelcoba
  • Coordinating the Target-Means and Control Items
  • Planned Policy, Coordination, Determination
  • Implementing the Policy
  • Evaluating the Progress of Implementation
  • Deployment of the Target-Means and Control Items
  • Hoshin Kanri and the Seven New QC Tools
  • Method of Determining and Using the Control Items
  • Points of Caution for Determining Control Items
  • Using Control Items
  • The Concept of Control Levels
  • How to Determine Control Levels

Chapter 4 : Hoshin Kanri with Daily Control, Cross-Functional Management, and Work Plans

  • Hoshin Kanri and Daily Control
  • Hoshin Kanri and Cross-Functional Management
  • Cross-Functional Policy and Departmental Policy
  • Hoshin Kanri and Work Plans
  • Merging Hoshin Kanri and the Work Plan

Chapter 5 : Implementation of Hoshin Kanri : Case Studies

  • Case Study 1 : Hoshin Kanri at Aisin-Takaoka
  • Management Strategy
  • Types of Policy and Definitions
  • Features and Annual Hoshin Kanri
  • Planning the Annual Company Policy
  • Case Study 2 : Hoshin Kanri at Toppan Printing
  • Case Study 3 : Hoshin Kanri at Hokuriku Kogyo
  • Case Study 4 : Hoshin Kanri at Kobayashi Kosei
  • Planning the Annual Policy
  • Deployment of the Annual Policy
  • Evaluation of Policy Fulfillment

Chapter 6 : Hoshin Kanri as a Part of TQM : A Roundtable Discussion

  • Introductory Remarks
  • Fundamental Issues
  • How to Determine Target Values and Means
  • How to Determine the Control Items
  • How to Effectively Use Control Items
  • Relationship of Hoshin Kanri to Daily Management
  • Relationship of Cross-Functional Management
  • QC for Strategic Management
  • Importance of the QC Approach

Appendix A : History of Hoshin Kanri
Appendix B : Chronology of Hoshin Kanri
Appendix C : Management Strategies
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