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Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design and Control : Intelligent Omnidirectional Hybrids

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Title: Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design and Control : Intelligent Omnidirectional Hybrids
Author: Huihuan Qian, Jingyu Yan, Tin Lun Lam, Yangsheng Xu
ISBN: 0071826831 / 9780071826839
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 320
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2014
Availability: In Stock
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Build state-of-the-art intelligent omnidirectional HEVs

Engineer high-performance, low-emission automobiles by overcoming traditional obstacles and efficiently harnessing energy from multiple sources. Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design and Control features complete coverage of all electrical, mechanical, and software components. Find out how to develop fast-charging battery systems, efficiently manage power, implement independent steering and force control, and enhance driving stability and controllability. This comprehensive guide offers detailed modeling, testing, and tuning techniques and provides an overview of emerging developments in hybrid technologies.

Coverage includes:

  • 4WIS and 4WID hardware and software
  • Hybrid vehicle design structures
  • Zero-radius turning and lateral parking
  • Steer-by-wire and extended steering
  • Behavior-based and zero-radius steering
  • Traction force distribution and stability
  • Battery, energy, and power management systems
  • Cell equalization and fast-charging control
  • MPC, load forecasting, and neural network classifi cation
  • Best performance techniques


Chapter 1 :
Chapter 2 : System Design and Implementation
Chapter 3 : Four-Wheel Independent Steering Control
Chapter 4 : Four-Wheel Independent Force Control
Chapter 5 : Battery Management System
Chapter 6 : Energy Management System
Chapter 7 : Conclusions


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