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Implementing a Lean Management System

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Title: Implementing a Lean Management System
Author: Thomas L. Jackson
ISBN: 1563270854 / 9781563270857
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 182
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 2015
Availability: In Stock
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Does your company think and act ahead of technological change, ahead of the customer, and ahead of the competition? Thinking strategically requires a company to face these questions with a clear future image of itself. Implementing a Lean Management System lays out a comprehensive management system for aligning the firm's vision of the future with market realities.

Based on hoshin management, the Japanese strategic planning method used by top managers for driving TQM throughout an organization, Lean Management is about deploying vision, strategy, and policy at all levels of daily activity. It is an eminently practical methodology emerging out of the implementation of continuous improvement methods and employee involvement. The key tools in the text build on the knowledge of the worker, multi-tasking, and an understanding of the role and responsibilities of the new lean manufacturer.

Publisher's Message

Part I : An Introduction to the Lean Management System
Chapter 1 :
What is Lean Management?
Chapter 2 : A Lean Management System Overview

Part II : The Business Renewal Process
Chapter 3 :
Establishing A Vision
Chapter 4 : Building a Development Strategy

Part III : The Strategic Improvement Cycle
Chapter 5 :
Phase I : Focus
Chapter 6 : Phase II : Standardization
Chapter 7 : Phase III : Adherence
Chapter 8 : Phase IV : Reflection

Postscript : Continuing the Cycle of Organizational Learning
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