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Industrial Boiler Management : An Operator's Guide

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Title: Industrial Boiler Management : An Operator's Guide
Author: Kenneth G. Oliver
ISBN: 0831130180 / 9780831130183
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 432
Publisher: Industrial Press
Year: 1989
Availability: In Stock
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Industrial Boiler Management offers operating hints, instructions and valuable information gathered from reliable technical sources. When used in conjuction with the manufacturer’s instruction manuals, the reader will be well equipped to obtain the maximum output from his or her equipment with optimum safety & efficiency, resulting in the lowest possible cost to the firm.

Stresses codes and safety throughout with emphasis on warnings and consequences where applicable.
Contains 16 procedures for reducing fuel costs, plus simple graphs & instructions for checking, improving, and calculating boiler efficiency and fuel consumption.
Covers topics not discussed in other books such as splitting the plant load between two or more boilers, cogeneration ant its impact on boiler plant operation, high-altitude operation, plus much more.
Provides directions for setting up a preventive maintenance program.
Lists causes & cures for common boiler troubles & detailed procedures for accidents.
Offers vital information on water and water treatment, allowing the reader to property understand and follow the necessary procedures.
Includes a section on deliberately overfiring a boiler, discussing the limitations, dangers, & suggested procedures with appropriate warnings.


Chapter 1 : The Steam Plant
Chapter 2 : Heat and Steam
Chapter 3 : Boilers
Chapter 4 : Air for Combustion
Chapter 5 : Fuels and Combustion Principles
Chapter 6 : Fuel Oil Systems
Chapter 7 : Fuel Gas Systems
Chapter 8 : Water for the Boiler
Chapter 9 : Water-Treatment Methods
Chapter 10 : Internal Boiler Water Treatment
Chapter 11 : Combustion Controls
Chapter 12 : Boiler Water Level Control
Chapter 13 : Boiler Trim
Chapter 14 : The Boiler Attendant
Chapter 15 : Getting the Boiler on the Line
Chapter 16 : Regular Operating Procedures
Chapter 17 : Boiler Shut-Down Procedure
Chapter 18 : Records, Reports, and Documentation
Chapter 19 : Boiler Plant Safety
Chapter 20 : Boiler Troubles : Causes and Cures
Chapter 21 : Shut-Down for Inspection
Chapter 22 : Maintenance Policies
Chapter 23 : Back in Service
Chapter 24 : Energy Conservation Basics
Chapter 25 : Fine-Tuning the Boiler
Chapter 26 : Miscellaneous Energy Savers
Chapter 27 : Load Sharing
Chapter 28 : Cogeneration
Chapter 29 : High-Altitude Operation
Chapter 30 : Some Final Advice

Section A : Hot Water Boilers
Section B : Steam Boiler Specifications
Section C : Fuels
Section D : Piping Systems
Section E : Boiler Trim and Controls
Section F : Operation and Maintenance
Section G : Boiler Layup
Section H : Pollution and Inspection
Section I : Energy Conservation
Section J : Miscellaneous Data

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