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Industrial Control Handbook, Volume - 3 : Theory and Applications

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Title: Industrial Control Handbook, Volume - 3 : Theory and Applications
Author: E. A. Parr
ISBN: 0831111798 / 9780831111793
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 400
Publisher: Industrial Press
Year: 1989
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This series of books has been written as an introduction to process control for the undergraduate and newly qualified or practicing engineer. It aims to be readable as well as instructive, and mathematics have been kept to a minimum.

This volume is the last in a three volume set which concentrate on the practical aspects of industrial control. It discusses the background theory, but also includes some real life applications.


Chapter 1 : Introduction to Process Control
Chapter 2 : Analytical Methods and Systems Modelling
Chapter 3 : Stability
Chapter 4 : Controllers
Chapter 5 : Complex Systems
Chapter 6 : Signals, Noise and Data Transmission
Chapter 7 : Applications

Appendix A : Computer Programs
Appendix B : Complex Numbers
Appendix C : Trigonometrical Relationships

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