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Industrial Controls and Manufacturing

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Title: Industrial Controls and Manufacturing
Author: Edward Kamen
ISBN: 0123948509 / 9780123948502
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 230
Publisher: Academic Press
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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Growing numbers of engineering graduates are finding employment in the control systems area with applications to manufacturing. To be properly prepared for such positions, it is desirable that the students be exposed to the topics of process control, discrete logic control and the fundamentals of manufacturing. Presently there is no existing textbook and/or reference that combine together process control, discrete logic control and the fundamentals of manufacturing. This is a book that fills that gap.

This book integrates together the theory with a number of illustrative examples. Constructive procedures will be given for designing controllers and manufacturing lines, including methods for designing digital controllers, fuzzy logic controllers and adaptive controllers, and methods for the design of the flow of operations in a manufacturing line. One chapter will be devoted to equipment interfacing and computer communications, with the focus on fieldbuses, device drivers and computer networks. There are no existing control-oriented textbooks that bring this material into the picture, although interfacing and communications are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the overall control problem.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Example of a Process Control Problem
Chapter 3 : Modeling of Continuous-Variable Processes
Chapter 4 : Control of Continuous-Variable Processes
Chapter 5 : Digital Control
Chapter 6 : Model Predictive, Adaptive, and Neural Net Controllers
Chapter 7 : Discrete Logic Control
Chapter 8 : Ladder Logic Diagrams and PLC Implementation
Chapter 9 : Manufacturing Systems
Chapter 10 : Production Control
Chapter 11 : Equipment Interfacing and Communications

Appendix A : Further Reading
Appendix B : Laboratory Project

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