Injection Mold Design Engineering, 2nd Edition

Title: Injection Mold Design Engineering, 2nd Edition
Author: David O Kazmer
ISBN: 1569905703 / 9781569905708
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 529
Publisher: Hanser Gardner
Year: 2016
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This book provides a structured methodology and scientific basis for engineering injection molds. The topics are presented in a top-down manner, beginning with introductory definitions and the big picture before proceeding to layout and detailed design of molds. The book provides very pragmatic analysis with worked examples that can be readily adapted to real-world product design applications. It will help students and practitioners to understand the inner workings of injection molds and encourage them to think outside the box in developing innovative and highly functional mold designs.

This new edition has been extensively revised with new content that includes more than 80 new and revised figures and tables, coverage of development strategy, 3D printing, in-mold sensors, and practical worksheets, as well as a completely new chapter on the mold commissioning process, part approval, and mold maintenance.

Preface to the 2nd Edition
Preface to the 1st Edtion

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Plastic Part Design
Chapter 3 : Mold Cost Estimation
Chapter 4 : Mold Layout Design
Chapter 5 : Cavity Filling Analysis and Design
Chapter 6 : Feed System Design
Chapter 7 : Gating Design
Chapter 8 : Venting
Chapter 9 : Cooling System Design
Chapter 10 : Shrinkage and Warpage
Chapter 11 : Ejection System Design
Chapter 12 : Structural System Design
Chapter 13 : Mold Technologies
Chapter 14 : Mold Commissioning

Appendix A : Plastic Material Properties
Appendix B : Mold Material Properties
Appendix C : Properties of Coolants
Appendix D : Statistical Labor Data
Appendix E : Unit Conversions
Appendix F : Estimation of Melt Velocity
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