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Insulation Coordination for Power Systems

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Title: Insulation Coordination for Power Systems
Author: Andrew R. Hileman
ISBN: 0824799577 / 9780824799571
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 767
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 1999
Availability: 45-60 days
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This detailed and comprehensive reference presents the latest developments in power system insulation coordination—emphasizing the achievement of optimum insulation strength at minimum cost. Comprehensively covering a myriad of insulation coordination techniques, the book examines electrical transmission and distribution lines and substations. Supplemented with end-of-chapter problem sets and over 1700 literature citations, tables, drawings, and equations, the book focuses on the conventional (or deterministic) method of insulation coordination, as well as the probabilistic method with its emphasis on statistical analysis.

Series Introduction

Chapter 1 : Specifying the Insulation Strength
Chapter 2 : Insulation Strength Characteristics
Chapter 3 : Phase-Ground Switching Overvoltages, Transmission Lines
Chapter 4 : Phase-Phase Switching Overvoltages, Transmission Lines
Chapter 5 : Switching Overvoltages, Substations
Chapter 6 : The Lightning Flash
Chapter 7 : Shielding of Transmission Lines
Chapter 8 : Shielding of Substations
Chapter 9 : A Review of Traveling Waves
Chapter 10 : The Backflash
Chapter 11 : The Incoming Surge and Open Breaker Protection
Chapter 12 : Metal Oxide Surge Arresters
Chapter 13 : Station Lightning Insulation Coordination
Chapter 14 : Line Arresters
Chapter 15 : Induced Overvoltages
Chapter 16 : Contamination
Chapter 17 : National Electric Safety Code
Chapter 18 : Overview : Line Insulation Design

Appendix : Computer Programs for This Book

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