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International Energy Markets : Understanding Pricing, Policies, and Profits, 2nd Edition

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Title: International Energy Markets : Understanding Pricing, Policies, and Profits, 2nd Edition
Author: Carol A. Dahl
ISBN: 1593702914 / 9781593702915
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 712
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2015
Availability: In Stock
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Industry leader, Carol Dahl has thoroughly revised and updated her classic text International Energy Markets: Understanding Pricing, Policies, and Profits. The second edition uses updated examples, statistics and models to explore energy policy, economics, institutions, and production in a global context.  It provides a foundation for understanding the global energy industry and is an important classroom resource. With this book you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals needed to make sound economic, business, and government policy decisions relating to energy industries
  • Gain a better understanding of energy markets through economics, mathematical optimization, simulation, and forecasting
  • Obtain historical, institutional, engineering and technical knowledge of energy production, transportation, and transformation
  • Explore models for understanding and managing energy resources in a global environment
  • Understand the basics of energy generation

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Chapter 1 : Introduction to Our Journey
Chapter 2 : Energy Lessons from the Past and Modeling the Future
Chapter 3 : Perfect Competition and the Coal Industry
Chapter 4 : Energy Price Controls, Taxes, Subsidies, and Social Welfare
Chapter 5 : Natural Monopoly and Electricity Markets
Chapter 6 : Restructuring in the Electricity Sector
Chapter 7 : Monopoly, Dominant Firm, and OPEC
Chapter 8 : Market Structure, Transaction Cost Economics, and US Natural Gas Markets
Chapter 9 : Monopsony : Japan and the Asia-Pacific LNG Market
Chapter 10 : Game Theory and the European Natural Gas Market
Chapter 11 : Externalities and Energy Pollution
Chapter 12 : Public Goods and Global Climate Change
Chapter 13 : Safety and Security
Chapter 14 : Allocating Fossil Fuel Production over Time and Oil Leasing
Chapter 15 : Supply and Costs Curves
Chapter 16 : Energy Balances and Energy Demand
Chapter 17 : Linear Programming, Refining, and Energy Transportation
Chapter 18 : Energy Futures Markets for Managing Risk
Chapter 19 : Energy Options for Managing Risk
Chapter 20 : Climbing the Energy/Development Ladder to Sustainability
Chapter 21 : Sustainable Wealth in Fossil Fuel–Rich Developing Countries
Chapter 22 : Managing in the Multicultural World of Energy

Appendix A : Energy Conversions
Appendix B : Bibliography

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