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Introduction to Environmental Geotechnology, 2nd Edition

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Title: Introduction to Environmental Geotechnology, 2nd Edition
Author: Hsai-Yang Fang, Ronald C. Chaney
ISBN: 1439837309 / 9781439837306
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 643
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2016
Availability: 45-60 days
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This new edition of a bestseller presents updated technology advances that have occurred since publication of the first edition. It increases the utility and scope of the content through numerous case studies and examples and an entirely new set of problems and solutions. The book also has an accompanying instructor's guide and presents rubrics by which instructors can increase student learning and evaluate student outcomes, chapter by chapter. The book focuses on the increasing importance of water resources and energy in the broader context of environmental sustainability. It’s interdisciplinary coverage includes soil science, physical chemistry, mineralogy, geology, ground pollution, and more.

  • Covers technology advances since publication of the first edition
  • Includes new case studies and examples, problem sets, instructor lecture materials, and a solutions manual
  • Examines alternative energy supplies, notably geothermal energy, which has been identifIed as a source with potential that far exceeds current use- discusses the thermal properties of soil, etc
  • Addresses the biosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere, and subsystems (geomicrobiosphere)
  • Offers downloadable custom Excel sheets- for example, formulae pre-programmed such that one could explore how quicldy a contaminant (e.g., arsenic, chromium, etc.) passes through saturated soil


Chapter 1 : Particle Energy Field Theory and Its Application
Chapter 2 : Nature of Soil and Environment
Chapter 3 : Soil Technology
Chapter 4 : Soil-Water-Air Interaction in the Environment
Chapter 5 : Shrinkage, Swelling and Cracking Characteristics of Soil
Chapter 6 : Thermal Properties of Soils
Chapter 7 : Electrical Properties of Soil
Chapter 8 : Radiation Effects on Water, Soil and Rock
Chapter 9 : Compressibility and Stress-Strain-Strength of Soils
Chapter 10 : Environmental Geotechnical Engineering Applications
Chapter 11 : Problematic Soils and Rocks
Chapter 12 : Wetlands, Coastal Margins and Soil Erosion Problems
Chapter 13 : Ground Surface Subsidences
Chapter 14 : Slope Stability and Landslides
Chapter 15 : Solid/Liquid Waste Control and Utilization of Wastes
Chapter 16 : Arid Lands, Desert and Antidesertification Measures

Conversion Factors
Chemical Fundamentals

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